Radnor Wallace: Where Success Breeds Success

Radnor-Wallace is a full service IT consulting company. Our focus is on the development, installation, integration and support of the TrainingServer Learning Management System. A renouned and proven LMS for close to thirty years. Our applications, services and support are all delivered by a highly accomplished engineering team. Our results are unmatched in the LMS industry.     


Radnor-Wallace has successfully delivered and deployed Learning Management Systems (LMS) for over 80 major corporations and organizations. We perform implementations and integrations faster, more effectively and for less cost than any other LMS provider or integrator. We use a limited resource deployment method through our multi-talented and highly-acomplished engineering staff.


Radnor-Wallace's technical support is performed only by Senior Software Engineers. This eliminates typical support escalations, delays, excuses, and problems. Our strategy includes a “One Dedicated Engineer” approach, for the full service and support cycle: LMS design, implementation, integration, configurations, hosting and support. This ensures that customers receive the most efficient and reliable LMS application, service and support possible. 


Learning and Compliance Delivered the Way You Need it. 

No two businesses are the same. We believe the technology supporting your education and compliance goals must reflect the specific way your organization delivers, tracks and measures all of your deliveries. Our LMS solutions and staff effectively configure and support the LMS, to ensure those needs and goals are continuosly reached. 


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Since 1988, Radnor-Wallace has offered a wide variety of learning management and human resource development systems and services. We have helped bring learning and compliance success to over 80 national and international corporations and organizations.


Radnor Wallace's strategy of LMS optimizations and augmentations has resulted in hundreeds of millions saved for its client base. We deploy top of the class LMS engineering and technical talent, who have successfully completed over 500 service, optimization and integration assignments for our LMS customers. Our accomplishments include extensive Fortune 5 to Fortune 1000 companies, and the references to support it.